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  • Local Manchester Brand ‘VayVay Apparel’ goes viral after backing from celebrities and influencers across Instagram.

    Published on December 2, 2021

    2021 has seen thousands turning to social media during the national lockdown to open businesses and for one brand in particular it’s clear there is only one ‘vay’ to go.

    Instagram has become a powerful driving force within the fashion world, especially for those up-and-coming companies… so what better way to kick start your business than by having some familiar faces backing the brand?

    Drawing in household names such as Rebecca Mcallister, Keon Hill, Aya Bleu, and many more, there’s no doubt that VayVay Apparel is now fast becoming one of the UK’s latest go-to brands reaching out to over 200,000 customers in less than 14 days.

    We caught up with the ex-glamour model at the brands exclusive launch inside Manchester Piccadilly’s milkshake restaurant Archies, to see what she had to say;

    “It’s important for me that I use my platform to benefit others, we all have to start somewhere and I know how hard it can be building a brand. Everyone has the power to help someone, so for me, this was a perfect opportunity to give something back to the community.”

    Rebecca took to Instagram telling her followers to get behind the brand as times have become tough for small businesses due to the UK’s covid regulations.

    VayVay’s quirky street style has fans going wild with one collection selling out within a matter of days, giving director Mr. Zayd Bobmanuel a clear vision for 2022.

    Speaking on behalf of the brand is founder of the company ‘PR Events & Marketing’, Paige Kilvington;

    “It’s always exciting to be able to work with new brands as there is always so much potential to be discovered and the diversity that VayVay Apparel brings to the industry is a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see such a unique approach to fashion from a very driven individual.”

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