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  • Lok Sabha takes up discussion on Union Budget

    Published on July 8, 2019

    The Lok Sabha has taken up discussion on the Union Budget-2019-2020. Initiating the discussion, Shashi Tharoor of Congress termed the Budget as rhetoric and full of empty promises.

    He accused the government of not fulfilling its promise of generating two crore jobs annually, but in fact, joblessness in the country is high. He said, under the crop insurance scheme, actually the insurance companies are charging more from the farmers as premium and the timely compensation was not paid to the affected farmers.

    Mr Tharoor also alleged that Kerala has been neglected in the Budget and there is no allocation for the rehabilitation of the flood-hit state. He said, no allocation has been made for coastal management.

    Participating in the debate, Jayant Sinha of BJP said, when the NDA Government came to power in  2014 , the economic condition of the country was not good and it put the economy on the track. He claimed, the government will achieve the target of making India a five trillion dollars economy.

    Mr Sinha said that the government has increased the GDP from 111 lakh crore rupees in 2014 to  188 lakh crore rupees. Mr Sinha said, by containing fiscal deficit,  the government has reduced the borrowing and thus boosts savings.

    TR Baalu of DMK said that increase in the price of fuel will lead to a cascading effect and burden the common man.