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  • London Market Exhibition

    Published on March 25, 2021

    Majestic by Japnah, is a bold yet elegant fashion house run and founded by creative designer, Ms. Japnah Gambhir. The brand recently took part in reputed and famous exhibition, London Market Exhibition in The Leela, Gurgaon on 20th March ’21. The exhibition showcased multipe designers along with Majestic. The brand showcased a collection of mixed outfits, from embedded evening gowns to bedazzled cute skirts and dresses. Almost every item was on sale of upto 50%. Majestic’s stall was the most unique out there offering a range of western bridal wear to brunch wear.

    The exhibition had good turn out and footfall. Throughout the event people walked in, shopped, enquired, gave orders and walked out. Exhibitions as such are not only sale oriented but networking and branding plays a heavy role too. Brands get to share a sole platform, interect and learn about the market, industry and potential for growth for them and their brands. In today’s time exhibitions as London Market has more to offer then just stall space, they have constant clients, set percentage of footfall, a nieche ambience and audience who turn out to be potential future clients for the exhibitors. Majestic witnessed few of their favourite bloggers, actors, stylists, clients and industry experts supporting them via social media shout outs, visiting their stalls at the exhibition and spreading the good word about the brand’s association with the exhibition. The brand apart from all the heavy and successful networking did decent sales and looks forward to participate in forth coming and much bigger exhibitions as Bridal Asia, Dhoom Dham etc.