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  • Loveveer Singh shares how he overcame all the barriers to pursue his dream of being a photographer

    Published on March 30, 2021

    The field of art and creativity has excelled by leaps and bounds. Every individual, majorly the youngsters are inclined towards making a career in the creative field. Studying and then applying for a job has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, young minds have a fascination with the creation of jobs. Walking on a completely different path of passion and dedication, Loveveer Singh has progressed as one of the finest and promising names in the field of photography. Born in Gurdaspur, India, he is currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

    Unlike every individual, Loveveer completed his studies and went on to pursue higher studies in Information Technology in Australia. Giving his best shot in the field of IT, Loveveer discovered that his passion was in the other field. Passionate about photography since childhood, this young guy decided to not pursue a job in any IT company. After finishing his studies, he spent the majority of his time with a camera in his hand exploring different places across the country. Loveveer who is fondly called Pannu by his peers and friends, immersed in photography with just one end goal – to establish himself as a top-notch photographer. 

    Through self-learning and watching online tutorial videos, Loveveer gained thorough knowledge about photography. His knowledge about the field got reflected in his work, but his road towards excellence had an array of challenges. Without any contacts or recommendations, the major hurdle in Loveveer Singh’s initial career was how to pitch clients and get work. The first few projects he received were of events like parties and weddings. However, the talented photographer did not lose hope and started promoting his work rigorously over the internet. 

    “Started working as a freelance photographer, I got a great reception about my pictures as I had focused majorly on self-portrait and conceptual photography”, said Loveveer. Besides this, he even revealed that he learnt how to sell and market himself to be in people’s eyes. Furthermore, Loveveer Singh said, “By God’s grace, I have built a strong clientele, and the work I have been getting is because of the recommendations and quality services provided to my clients.” Travelling to different places and capturing the best shots, the 25-year old photographer’s clicks very well depict the beauty of nature as he loves to shoot at unusual locations like empty forests, abandoned houses and rivers that add extra essence to his clicks.