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    LPU student secures first position at ‘Unite 2030 Youth Action for Better World’

    Published on February 4, 2021

    New Delhi: Sm Sammam Sakti Shahdat, a B.Tech student of Lovely Professional University who hails from Bangladesh, won the prestigious ‘Unite 2030 Youth Action for Better World’ campaign organized by Unite 2030, a United Nations’ initiative. He was honored as the ‘Most Aspiring Youth Activist’ at the campaignSammam is one of the 1200+ young leaders from over 33 countries who participated in this campaign. He would also receive a full scholarship to join ‘Camp 2030’, a global event at Echo Park, New York, USA organized by Unite 2030.

    In 2015, the United Nations came together to create a blueprint for a better world which is free from poverty, inequality and climate change and named it as the ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’. Under this campaign, it has been working to bring the youth leaders from across the globe together on one platform to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) stated in the agenda, by the year 2030.

    Sammam hails from Bangladesh and is pursuing B Tech in Mechanical Engineering at Lovely Professional University, Punjab. His goal in life is to gift a peaceful world to the next generation where there will be no hunger, zero poverty, everyone would be educated and a lot more; and is always on a look out for such organizations and people who can help him realize this dream. He came to know about ‘Unite 2030 Youth Action for Better World’ campaign via OMUN, a social welfare organisation in the USA where he worked as a volunteer. Sammam immediately registered for the campaign online which kick-started on 25th October, 2020. The campaign required youth activists from across the globe to post pictures and details of the work they have done in their respective countries as well as internationally to achieve the SDG target for 2030. Sammam engaged in more than 90 activities to meet the SDG target which helped him bag the prestigious title, ‘Most Aspiring Youth Activist.

    Sammam will now be joining ‘Camp 2030’, a global event at Echo Park, New York, USA, organized by Unite 2030 in September 2021. At the event, 250+ youth activists from 33 countries will formulate solutions to global challenges, make lasting connections with peers from almost every industry, sector and country, and engage with global leaders and talent who actively works toward the SDGs.

    Sammam said, “It’s a huge honor to be recognized by the United Nations for my work. This award has instilled confidence in me to continue my efforts for the welfare of the society and to inspire other youngsters as well. I strongly believe that together we can create a better world which is free from poverty, hunger and inequality.”

    Mr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor, Lovely Professional University congratulated Sammam on his achievement and said, “Sammam is an extraordinary student. We have found him to be extremely passionate towards all kinds of humanitarian efforts and are immensely proud of his achievement at UNITE 2030. While he was always a role model for the students at the university, he has now raised the bar higher with students from across the globe looking towards him to show them the way.”

    Sammam is a member of AIESEC, world’s largest youth run non-governmental and not-for-profit organization where he volunteers for social issues. He is also associated with OMUN, a US based organisation where he works with students to highlight latest global issues by conducting international debates. Sammam joined OMUN as Assistant Director and soon became the Deputy Secretary General. At LPU as well, Sammam is extremely active in many student clubs and has led some of the key social welfare events conducted by the university. Not only this, he is doing a research to develop an ‘Alert Before Earthquake’ system.  With the help of this innovation, it would become possible to get earth quake alerts two weeks prior to their occurrence.