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  • M3M Foundation Launches Week of Love and Warmth for Providing Thermal Comfort to Over 10000 People

    Published on December 2, 2023

     Gurugram: The M3M Foundation, a respected social organization in Millenium City, successfully implemented the “Share for Care” initiative on 1st December’23, Friday. The initiative involved providing warm clothes to over 1500 individuals. The warm clothing distribution program was meticulously organized at 113 Capital and Crown. During this event, notable figures such as Anika Bansal from M3M Group, Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan the President, Pranav Surma the Asian Para Games gold medalist in the club throw F51 event and Pooja Yadav who secured a silver medal in discus throw along were present.

    Ms. Anika Bansal, representing M3M Group as the chief guest at the event, emphasized the importance of extending assistance to those in need during the program. She articulated that if the capability to help exists, it should be utilized for the betterment of others. The distribution of warm clothing to economically disadvantaged individuals on this occasion is geared towards providing substantial relief during the winter season. The M3M Foundation aims to distribute warm clothes to over 10,000 people across 20 locations in the Delhi-NCR region in the next week through the ‘Share for Care’ initiative, with a specific focus on assisting the migrant population and mitigating their hardships in harsh weather conditions.

    A migrant laborer expressed gratitude, stating, “I appreciate the assistance provided by the M3M Foundation during this challenging period. The situation becomes particularly difficult for women and children, especially at night. The warm clothes distributed will be immensely beneficial for us.”

    Pranav Surma, the gold medalist in the Club Throw F51 event, commended the M3M Foundation’s Lakshya Scholarship for comprehensive support to athletes. Affiliated with the Foundation since May 2023, Surma noted the recent assistance for his participation in the Para Asia Games in China, praising the commendable nature of the Foundation’s initiatives.

    Silver medalist in discus throw, Pooja Yadav, lauded the M3M Foundation’s Lakshya Scholarship for aiding athletes in acquiring sports-related equipment and nutrition. With a year-long association with the organization, she highlighted that all her sports-related expenses are covered by the Foundation.

    Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee of M3M Foundation, reflected on the joy derived from helping others during times of crisis. She emphasized the transformative impact, stating that the “Share for Care” initiative is a commitment to spreading happiness by assisting those in need. Dr. Kanodia underscored the Foundation’s ongoing dedication through its ‘Kartavya’ program and the specific target of distributing 10 thousand warm clothes this year.

    The ‘Share for Care’ initiative, rooted in the pursuit of sharing happiness, was initiated by the late Lal Chand Bansal Ji, the founder of the M3M Foundation, and has been consistently upheld over the years.

    M3M Foundation, the philanthropic division of the M3M Group, is dedicated to fostering inclusive development with the vision of creating a brighter India. The Foundation focuses on key sectors such as education, environment, health, disaster management, and socio-economic development. Employing an innovative approach, the Foundation strives to address social issues through the creation of self-sustaining programs.


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