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  • Maassab successfully entered the 2nd week of its release

    Published on February 6, 2021

    Mumbai: Maassab continues to run in the 2nd week. In fact, this is going to increase further in days to come and it won’t be surprising if Sunday turns out to be beneficial for the filmmakers. Due to a solid word of mouth and the absence of any major release this Friday, Aditya Om’s directorial remained the first choice of viewers over the weekend.Despite of the coronavirus outbreak, where the cinema occupancy capacity had been reduced, Maassab has come up strong. Winning hearts all over the Indian and International film festivals, Maassab is highly appreciated by the audience. The film was released in limited screens but with the review of the audience’s response, it has been succeeded to enter into the 2nd week as well. The film has now been screened at prime shows in many cities like Lucknow, Kanpur, Satana, Allahabad, Varanasi, Delhi, Mumbai.

    Starring Shiva Suryavanshi and Sheetal Singh in the title role Maassab has succeeded to impress everyone with its strong content and of course, the brilliant performance by the leading actors. From the critics as well, it has received positive reactions.

    Maasaab’ is a unique film which deals with the untouched topic of education in rural primary schools in India .Our protagonist Ashish Kumar’s heart and soul lies in teaching and educating kids. He even left India’s most lucrative government job IAS to pursue this dream. His latest assignment in a far-flung backward area brings him face to face with people and forces entrenched in dogma, superstition, ignorance and corruption. Slowly by his conviction and consistency he is able to transform a village Primary school so radically that the school starts competing with the best private schools around. But some people who were swept out by this change hatch a conspiracy against him. How Ashish Kumar faces these new challenges and more importantly is he able to continue his path of spreading education and awareness is what the climax of the film reveals.
    On the success of the film, Directed Aditya Om quoted despite of coronavirus, the film has got immense love from the audience. This film has proved that the content of the film is the real hero. Maassab does not have any popular face nor have any eminent banner but the audience has really liked the film. With the limited screening we are now moving towards the prime show screening in the major cities, I think its huge recognition.