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Magnum partners with Masoom Minawala for Cannes Film Festival

 As a Cannes mainstay, the Magnum beach brimmed with celebrities, influencers and trendsetters, each drawn by the allure of pleasure and luxury. Amidst this perfectly crafted space, Global influencer, Author and entrepreneur Masoom Minawala embodied the ethos flawlessly.

Style Icon, Masoom Minawala captivated the attention as she adorned the Magnum Beach lounge at the Cannes Film Festival. Known for her impeccable fashion sense, Masoom brought her signature flair to the Brown carpet. For her fifth appearance at the festival, the Fashion influencer showcased her style prowess in a chic custom designed gown, expertly styled by UAE designer Marmar Halim. Complemented by her radiant charm and unwavering confidence, Masoom left a lasting impression.

As the sun set over the Riviera, the Magnum beach was aglow with creators, celebrities and trendsetters all drawn by the promise of luxurious indulgence. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the Magnum dipping bar, an immersive experience where guests indulge their senses. Against the backdrop of the beachside, the shimmering hues of Magnum installations and Instagram-worthy pleasure stations illuminated the scene, inviting Pleasure Seekers into a realm of pure indulgence.

This not only highlights Masoom’s iconic styles but also reinforces Magnum’s role as a purveyor of luxury and pleasure at one of the world’s most celebrated film festivals.

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