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  • Make adoption less tedious: tells Sushmita Sen to authorities and the Government

    Published on July 28, 2019

    Hyderabad: The process of adoption in our country is very complicated. Documents, orientation and many such things make it very difficult for people. Why can’t the process be simplified. She appealed to authorities and concerned governments to make adoption less tedious.

    She made the appeal while addressing 250 YFLO gathering while in conversation with Dr. Anuradha Rao on the subject “Adoption”.

    On one side they keep the process so complicated and once the child is adopted they don’t monitor. There should be a monitor atleast for first three or fours years, because these are the crucial years and are formative years for the strengthening of the bond.

    Sushmita Sen, the beauty pageant, film star and model was in the city at the invitation of YFLO—Young FICCI Ladies Organisation and Shilpa Datla, Chairperson of YFLO

    Shilpa Datla while welcoming the gathering said this talk on Adoption is the transformation towards “The New You”, the YFLO theme for the year.

    Shilpa defined Adoption as an act of altruism. It is an act of caring about the needs and happiness of other people more than your own

    Impressed by Shilpa’s description, Sushmita thanked her added that adoption is not from stomach but by heart. In biological birth the real connect through ambilical chord and in adoption it is through altruism as Shilpa Datla put it she s said.

    Shilpa introduced Sushmita as living example of selflessness to the packed full of audience in the hall.

    Replying to a question on what drives her towards success, Sushmita Sen said it is my approach to success. I have no fear of failure. I am willing to fail. I am willing to experiment. Failures are stepping stones for success she replied.

    Beating a woman is a more powerful she said.

    Adoption is a life changing decision said 43 years old former Femina Miss India and Miss Universe. She is India’s first Miss Universe.

    Hyderabad is my Janmabhoomi. I was born here. I came into the world in this city. I utilise every possible opportunity to come to this city. It is like home coming. I have a room at Sush Home at Filmnagar. Each time when I come here I go out on drive to the home in Banjara Hills where I was born and look at it, she shared. This is one memory of this city which I repeatedly share with my kids, she added.

    I have a very long connection with the FLO. I have visited five chapters of FLO and YFLO Sushmita informed. What I love about FICCI is it gives opportunities to grow.

    I was studying to become an IAS officer, but suddenly beauty pageant happened to me which changed my life, she shared.

    I wasn’t ready to be an actor. Lot of surprised came to me in my life and all have happened for good. And there are no regrets. I am enjoying every day of my life.

    I fought ten years of legal battle in Supreme Court to be able to adopt her second daughter. Because Indian laws don’t allow to adopt a girl after girl. I challenged this along with like minded people and changed the law and that is how adopted my second daughter Alisa.