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Make this Holi more healthy with Wonderchef

1. Prato Anti-Viral Ultraviolet C Light Oven – 9L, 16W
If you are celebrating Holi at home, It’s an essential task to disinfect everything as the surface is touched by numerous people and may carry bacteria and viruses. Wonderchef’s Prato Anti-Viral UltraViolet C Light Oven Kills 99.5% of bacteria and destroys the Replication ability of the Virus by fusing the RNA. Also, it disinfects fresh groceries, milk packets, electronics, clothes, cash, toys, newspapers, bags, wallets, medical equipment, masks & PPEs, delivery packets, jewelry, and daily use items like pens, keys, etc. This multi-purpose disinfectant oven is a must-have product at your home this Holi.

Price: 6,500/-Offer Price: 3,499/-Available at: www.wonderchef.com 
2. Smoky Grill Electric Barbeque
Holi signifies the joy of colours, happiness, and eating lots of delicious gujiyas & sweets.
During this time we often ignore the health quotient and eat lots of junk and fried foods. We must try to avoid eating deep-fried items and indulge ourselves with healthy yet tasty foods. Eating grilled food instead of fried items is much healthier. Hence Wonderchef’s Smoky grill Electric Barbeque is the best option to have at your home this Holi. This can be used even inside an air-conditioned room and has powerful heating with a safety switch. So when your friends and loved ones come to your place to celebrate treat them with some exotic and exquisite food and involve them in a live cooking experience.  Enjoy the real smoky taste of BBQ, and tandoori delights and make this Holi more healthy and safe.
Price: 7,000/-Offer Price: 4,999/-Available at: www.wonderchef.com 

3. Belgian Waffle Maker, 1000W
In India, sweets are the emotions for any celebration. Holi is also the time to savor tasty food and eat lots of sweets, but we often look at regular sweets to offer to the guests and relatives.  This Holi ditch the everyday sweets and make some exotic golden Waffles. Deliciously crispy on the outside and meltingly tender inside, with pockets for syrups & toppings. The non-stick coating on the cooking plate ensures the effortless release and easy cleanup also, the rotary function ensures professional-grade waffles with even cooking on both sides & uniform thickness for great taste.  
Wonderchef’s Belgian Waffle Maker can be the perfect substitute for sweets and fried foods.

Price: 3,000/-Offer Price: 2,999/-Available at: www.wonderchef.com

4. Lazio Steam Gun, 200ml, 1200W
Holi is the time to unwind, de-stress, play with the differently hued colours, or gulaal, throw color-filled water balloons at each other, and gulp down some refreshing thandai. But this time it’s not like the other years. The rise of the second phase of COVID has begun and it’s a crucial time for all of us. Keeping safety and hygiene in mind Wonderchef has recently launched Lazio Steam Gun, which ensures the proper spread of disinfectant across large surfaces and deep nooks and corners using nanospray (patented technology). This compact body with 9 feet long cord is easy to carry and use anywhere at home and effective disinfection which kills E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and other common bacteria and viruses, with a sterilization efficiency of up to 99.5%.
Price: 6,700/-Offer Price: 1,999/-Available at: www.wonderchef.com     

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