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  • Make work-from-home work for you with these tips from The Pink Lotus Academia

    Published on August 3, 2021

    Couch potato was a term that came up in the USA to describe TV viewers who sat on the sofa and watched hours of daytime soaps and news.

    Today, the pandemic has ensured that most of us are staring at a screen—laptop,phone or TV, while seated at the desk, or on the living room couch, or even the bed. After all, if the Zoom camera is off for most meetings, why not take it in the bedroom?

    Adding to it the ennui of staying indoors week after week, for months, means families are stressed, irritable, bored, over eating, and not exercising enough. Gyms are still closed or risky. So what does one do?

    A yogic approach to your day is the best antidote to the cranky on the couch,not just 20 minutes of asanas followed by a sedentary day of work from home, says Kaavita Das – Founder & Yoga Faculty, The Pink Lotus Academia.

    Here are 9  ½ tips.

    1.  Wake up and sit up, and do5 min of breath awareness on the bed itself.  Watch your incoming and outgoing breath at the nostrils for a couple of minutes. Then move your awareness to the breath at your navel. Then visualise your breath moving up from navel to throat and down.

    Keep the phone away for at least 30 minutes till you finish your morning routine. Digital detox and discipline is key to bringing peace of mind to your day.

    2.  If you feel comfortable to step out of your flat, go early and masked to the garden/open area in your complex for 20 minutes of walking meditation/asana/pranayama. The sun and natural air is the best pick-me-up for a cheerful day. If you have to practise at home, face an open window or natural light.

    3.  Visualise your day ahead – key tasks, meetings, tough issues, with positivity and acceptance.

    4.   As you go through your morning calls and meetings, build in micro yoga breaks of even 2 minutes. Rub your palms and place them over closed eyes, after an hour on the laptop. If on a long Zoom call with camera off, do a few tadasana or palm tree pose, or Tiryaka Tadasans swinging arms and twisting your spine.

    A standing desk is a great investment, it prevents compression of the spine and bad postures from hours of sitting. It also allows you to incorporate Pawana mukta asanas like shoulder rotation, bhramari (humming bee), nadi shodhana 2-3 times a day.

    5.  Yogic eating – It’s very simple. Eat your breakfast and lunch without multitasking. Eat healthy and enjoy your meal. Avoid snacking at the desk.Have fruit or sprouts if you feel peckish.

    6.  Post-lunch, it’s normal to hit a wall especially if your calls and meetings started early.
    Take a 10 minute break around 3 pm for shavasana or short yoga nidra to destress and reboot for the second half of your work day.

    7.  If you are used to the structured office work, work from home can be quite fluid with kids, spouses, family and chores interrupting. Go with the flow, and don’t let it upset you. Plan for these breaks to step away from emails and Zoom meetings.

    8.  Evenings, avoid junk snacking, eat a small healthy meal, and incorporate a short walk, or a yoga routine. Ten to 20 rounds of Surya Namaskar is a great way to blow away the work blues.You can do it dynamically or meditatively with breath awareness.

    9.  Early dinner and family time is a healthy way to unwind. Have a fixed time to go to bed and stay off your laptop and phone for the last hour at least so you don’t carry a busy mind to bed. Eight hours of sleep is the best natural yoga for the body and mind.

    9.5 Take half a step today to these goals, and work diligently on these 9 steps. Icha shakti & kriya shakti leads to jnana shakti: creativity, positivity and mastery over your life.


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