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  • Tuesday, August, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:32:30
  • The popularity of social media platforms is growing with each passing day. Likee, which was launched by BIGO Technology Pte Ltd in 2017, has been at the forefront of various innovative initiatives, such as launch of engaging campaigns, collaborations with Bollywood and regional cinema, introduction of interesting festive quizzes and more. The hero offering of Likee in all their creative campaigns has been the app’s incredible filters and special effects. The foremost among all has been its Superme function – an extensive collection of video editing tools – launched in March 2019 and evolved gradually. The function is backed with cutting-edge game engine technology that uses real-time interactive image application process to offer the most innovative editing features. Let’s dive into the sea of the features provided by Superme:


    Normal photo template: Likee’s definition of “normal” is pretty fancy, and hence the “normal” photo template is not just any other commonly available templates. Likee users can transform their ordinary photos into a memorable one with some fantastic photo templates. The picture can be converted into a lifelike SFX video or MV album instantly with this feature. Further, users can also add some text, perform modifications and add music too.


    Body Editing: Playing with the shapes and size of objects or the person in a photo will never cease to amuse us. By using Likee’s body editing tool, you can do the same. The feature isolates the image of the user within a photo and binds it to an SFX template, allowing for various types of SFX gameplay, such as changing the photo background or inserting the person’s image into a scene.


    Morph: It is probably one of the most popular features of Likee. The feature allows swapping of user’s face in a photo or a video in real-time. It has become trendy because many users are morphing their faces into some video excerpts from popular movies and recreating the famous scenes. This becomes amusing when users perform cross-gender morphing to create hilarious videos on Likee.


    Face Cut: With this feature users can edit out their faces from their phots and combines it with various character modelling templates, integrating the facial shape, hairstyle, and skin colour. Further Likeers can also use the real-time Morph feature to create the optimum 2D facial transformation effect.


    Age Up: We all are curious about what our future holds for us? And how we will look in next 10-20 years or maybe later as well. Thanks to Likee’s Age up feature, we can all peep into how we will look in our old age. Likeers can upload their photos and simply tap on Age Up filter to see the results. It is shockingly so realistic!


    Muglife: Ever dreamt of performing an open mic performance? How about preparing a little before actually doing it? With Likee’s muglife feature, Likeers can upload their photos, and the feature combines it with a humorous, open mic performance with dubbing effects. With this feature, you can take everyone around you on a laughter ride!