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  • Make your weekend ten times merrier at Hammerzz: The Luxury Night Club

    Published on December 6, 2022

    Sitting in the office, we spend half of our working hours thinking about the bash that we are going to do at the weekend! And what happens when the weekend arrives? You get baffled about where to go and which club to choose. But we know of a place that will exceed your expectations and bestow upon you the best party…Hammerzz: The Luxury Night Club.

    Hammerzz: A one-stop destination for club lovers! Located in a prime spot in Goa, this club has a lot to offer you. Completely designed according to modern trends, this luxury nightclub comes with all kinds of facilities that give you the utmost satisfaction and security.

    Even though they have party setups ready for every day, their weekend events are stupendous affairs. The two events are named Hammered Saturdays, and on Sunday, it’s ‘What Happens in Goa, Stays in Goa.’ The energy levels on these two days exceed the bar. Moreover, the majority of their best DJs and international artists spin their music during the weekend only! So, Hammerzz gives you the best DJ, a highly animated party, and a great crowd at weekends.

    This particular club has its best to offer you! If you are visiting this club for the first time, then you must know that Hammerzz follows a dress code. The lavishly designed venue is surrounded by different types of luxury, like the spacious dance floors, rooftop seating, and interiors of the club itself.

    They even host special events at festivals like Holi, Diwali, New Year’s parties, and more. Hammerzz: The Luxury Night Club is cherished for a reason. Not only do they have astounding strobe lights and rip-roaring music, but they also have great Goan dishes and amazing cocktails. So you can booze all night and then shake your leg on the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow. Hammerzz makes your weekend remarkable.

    The DJs that have already lifted the vibes at this luxury club include Onderkoffer, Omen, Ali Merchant, Aqeel, Ryan Nogar, Saunyk, Benz, A.N.D., LNDRX, Rhea, Brainwash, Cyco, Wave Diary, Karma, Pepe, Mad Mac, SA, Trentino, Candice Redding, etc. Recently, they hosted Onderkoffer, and now they are getting their ducks in a row for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We are sure these upcoming events are going to be colossally amazing!


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