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  • Monday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:59:42
  • Self-love. Probably the most used and hyped word these days. But do we truly know or understand what does that mean? Maybe. Maybe not. Do we even understand ‘the self’ before we start talking about ‘self-love’?

    Do millennials and gen-z have means to learn it from? Because honestly, reading books and attending spiritual forums isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But a mysterious girl @goddesswrites on Instagram seems to be addressing this need in just a perfect way. Making learning about ‘self-love’ accessible to everyone and especially to women, she is on a mission to awaken the goddess in each and every girl out there.

    “From a lost girl to a found goddess” says her bio on Instagram and she is sharing her understanding and awareness with others unselfishly.

    Women have been oppressed since centuries in one way or the other and have always been told what to do, how to do it and when to do it for their so-called betterment.

    Through her beautiful, simple and soothing poetry reels, @goddesswrites is making women empowered at a spiritual level. She is found being vocal about not surrendering to society’s standards of beauty and ways of living life but rather suggests going within and introspecting. She insists on asking questions and relying on the answers given by the universe. She doesn’t hesitate sharing her journey including her failures and normalizing feeling lonely and lost. As it is only when you feel lost, can you be found.

    Instead of hoarding self-care products and falling in the traps set by various brands, she nudges girls to be aware and chase authenticity. Self-love isn’t just taking a day off, going on solo trips, treating yourself with good hair day & spa sessions, it goes beyond that. Listening to your own voice and turning to intuition while taking any decisions of your life. Owning your imperfections and accepting your ‘flawed’ SELF completely.

    People are drawn to her content that she shares on a daily bases selflessly. She shares her stories of heartbreaks, lessons learnt from them and how she chose to rise like a phoenix. She is a living example of how one can understand and choose the path of ‘true self love’.

    We cannot help but wonder if her few minutes of reels could be so inspiring and impactful, what would her upcoming book be having to offer us?


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