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  • Mamata Banerjee plays in Tripura: MLA shaves his head and announces his resignation

    Published on October 6, 2021

    by Bhupen Goswami 

    by Bhupen Goswami 

    GUWAHATI : In Tripura, the BJP has suffered a major setback ahead of the elections. The TMC is all set to chalk out future plans ahead of the 2023 assembly elections. In fact, mamata banerjee is looking to move ahead in national politics after her victory in Bhavanipur in Bengal and the TMC has made it clear.

    A senior TMC official said in Guwahati today that 10 to 15 Tripura BJP MLAs will join the Trinamool Congress. ‘Khela Hobe Tripuraya’ again after Durga Puja. Several senior BJP MLAs have announced their resignation as the party high command has not taken any action against Tripura’s most corrupt Chief Minister Biplab Dev. Meanwhile, speaking on the tmc’s prospects in Tripura, party MP Saugata Roy said, “There is a possibility of change against Biplab Deb and Mamata Banerjee is a very popular face there. In Tripura, the BJP has suffered a major setback ahead of the elections. In North Tripura, Surma MLA Ashish Das on Tuesday shaved his head at Kalighat Kali Temple in Kolkata and announced his resignation from BJP. After shaving his head, Ashish Das says, removal of power is his only resolve to remove the BJP-led government in the state. After shaving his head, he also performed a yagna at the famous temple in Kolkata. Kalighat temple is not far from west Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s house.

    Before leaving the BJP, Tripura MLA Ashish Das had on Tuesday described Mamata Banerjee as the real leader of Bengal’s mother, Mati Manush, and said it would be a matter of pride for every Bengali if she becomes the Prime Minister in the future. He said, Mamata Banerjee is the real leader of Mother, Mati, Manush. The way Mamata Banerjee has won a record victory in Bhavanipur elections is yet another proof of her immense popularity.He said the way Mamata Banerjee has won in Bhavanipur shows that Mamata Banerjee will one day take over the reins of the country. The landslide victory in Bhawanipur will pave the way for him to become the face of opposition parties. He said Bengal had made a significant contribution to the country’s independence but it has not been able to get recognition in the political arena in the way it deserved over the years. He said if Mamata Banerjee becomes the Prime Minister of the country, it will be justice to the Bengalis. The TMC is also continuously increasing its strength in Tripura after the Trinamool Congress’s landslide victory in the West Bengal assembly elections. The TMC is all set to form the government in Tripura. It has launched a campaign to oust Biplab Deb’s BJP government from power in the 2023 assembly elections.