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Man With A Unique Mission

Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men

– Mahatma Gandhi

Gopal Nair

Its -simply surprising.   The philanthropic effort of a single man unites over half a million homosapiens spread across 82 nations to do well to the deprived and physically challenged.  Gopal  Nair, a  spartan,  middleclass  Malayalee has been  striving to percolate the message of charity among  the non resident Keralites and in just three years  he could induce as many as 1.5 lakh  benevolent volunteers into his  exigent  mission.

Nair’s  Malayalee Friend’s  Group (MFG)  established  with its head quarters at Ahmedabad    has  come as a boon to tens of thousands of deprived  who have been languishing  in many ways due to many reasons . Elaborating on his organization Nair says “We may believe in any ideology, but we all should know that we are simple human beings and should always be a good human being. Our Group, therefore, have members from all religions and our slogan is One Religion, One Caste, One GOD.”

Listing out the achievements of  MFG  he  explained  that  they  plan to spearhead  a  mission -Gift of Vision,  to give  back eyesight  to the blind kids those who cannot afford  vision-correction surgeries or treatments. “ MFG has decided to support at least 25 kids from each District of Kerala. We have requested the help of all District Collectors to help in identifying the needy poor blind kids to whom we can give vision. Eliminating needless blindness ( preventable & curable blindness ) is the main motto behind this Gift of Vision project.”

Mr. Nair said, MFG was “meeting the full expense of 31 hapless kids under “Save the Girl Child” at Sneha Sagaram, Kollam Dist. We will take care of them till they become independent.”

There were also supporting a few “underprivileged elderly people @Rs.1000 per month. At present we are supporting 69 unfortunate elderly people, including a blind couple.

Interesting, the MFG, which is having over two lakh active members, do not either have an office or incur any operational expenses whatsoever.  May be MFG could be the only charitable institution in the world which connects people and helps the deprived with no cost involved. “We communicate to

Honda Activa delivered to a disabled person (Mr. Punoose) on 15-2-2012

our members through internet or social sites at our personal expense. Our operational expense to run MFG is next to nil,” says a humble Nair.

MFG’s  extraordinary  efforts have attracted luminaries  like  G Madhavan Nair, Former Chairman, ISRO, . Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri, the renowned Malayalam Lyricist,  Money, IAS, Secretary General, National Human Rights commission and . Padma Vibhushan, Dr  Mrinalini Sarabhai.

The  web-based network started with just 10 members in January 2009 has  grown to a million member organization by now and is expected surge ahed in a much faster pace, for  its intentions are clear and pure  “.

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