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  • Monday, March, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:09:30
  • New Delhi: Manav Kapur, Executive Director – Steelbird International released his first book – ‘An Introduction of Automotive Filters’ . The book provides firsthand insights on filters and the entire filtration process to the readers and those who want to establish their business in this domain.

    Steelbird International started its journey in 1964 with the manufacturing offilters, soon it became a leading player in the auto components industry. Since January 2018, Steelbird is growing successfully in two-wheeler tyres and tubes segment. And, in this new venture, the brand is flourishing by leaps and bounds. Today,it has a massive presence in entire North India, Northeastern States, and now, embarking on South India with a splendid start in Kerala. High durability and long life are the USPs of Steelbird’styres and tubes, which are targeted to both urban and rural customer.

    “Steelbird International manufactured filters in its initial years. There is not much information available about the filters on the internet. Studying this domain intrigued me to learn and explore more. My father Ramesh Kapur was my only source of information that ignited curiosity in me to know more about filters, hence; I started penning down each and everything, followed by my research. This journey turned into a book,”said Manav Kapur, Executive Director – Steelbird International.


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