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  • Monday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:17:00
  • The fitness Pro, one of the top dietitians of the country, Manik Maria has gone viral yet again for numerous reasons. Last time he went viral for being ranked at the top dietitian of the country by the diet association.

    Innumerable clients have given wonderful feedbacks, he has been a youth icon for fitness across the country. He has been highly regarded as one of the people who has been the Master in helping people break the weight loss plateau. He is one of the best transformation experts in the country.

    At the young age of just 26, he has grown exponentially in recent times. It is said that he can easily help people, who’ve been stuck on the same place in their fitness journey, get back and better on their tracks. Across his social media page (@diet_planner_manik_marria), one can find numerous clients that he has worked with, and has given amazing results to.

    Under his guidance, one of his client nailed 6 packs in 3 months and another lost 14kgs in 2 months with only home cooked food.

    One of his another client Anuja was having thyroid and pcos, her weight was stuck and Manik helped her to lose weight from 78 to 62 kgs.

    One of his clients, Ashish, was not able to gain weight, he was only 56 in 8 months. After Manik proper guidance, ashish got a much better physique and now he is 72 with an amazing body.

    He has helped in the transformation of many social media stars and tv stars which you can find over his instagram profile.

    He received his B.Sc in Nutrition, and further received his PG Diploma in Nutrition too. He frequently advises his clients on how to positively get fitter and not thinner or bulkier.

    Along with being a dietitian, he is also a huge social media celebrity with over 105k+ followers on just Instagram. His positive attitude, and his spirit for motivation has aided him in helping those in need. As one of the younger generations, Manik is expected to further succeed in his life and has several exciting plans for his followers and fans.


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