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  • Manipal Hospitals Conducts Train the Trainers Program on commonly occurring gym injuries

    Published on October 24, 2019

    Bangalore: The Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine department at Manipal Hospitals organized “Train the trainers program” on commonly occurring Gym injuries today at the hospital premises.

    The objective of the program was to highlight Gym injuries that can occur during exercising or fitness routine and how it can be avoided with little precaution. Apart from discussing tips and tricks to avoid injuries, the specialists also shared insights on how excessive stretches and improper postures can lead to damage of the underlying tissues and can sometimes lead to Irreversible damage.

    Dr. Hemant K Kalyan – HOD and Consultant – Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Specialist spoke on knee injuries and treatment modalities that can be adopted, Dr. Sunil G Kini – Consultant – Orthopaedic Surgery , shared insights on hip and pelvic injuries, Dr. Lokesh Veerappa – Consultant – Orthopaedics Surgery and Sports Medicine Specialist shared information on ankle, foot and hand injuries and Dr. Sushal Shantha Kumar – Consultant – Shoulder Surgery spoke on common shoulder injuries.

    While workout injuries are quite unavoidable, a significant amount of risk can be cut by following certain workout precautions. Some of the common workout injuries are muscle pulls, ankle and knee injuries, tendinitis, wrist sprain and sprained ankles.  Doctors threw light on golden rules that must be followed to avoid such injuries and how warm up before exercises and cooling down post exercises are extremely critical.