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  • Monday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:54:08
  •   Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation first aid (CPR) – A Basic Life Skill

    CPR AED training was conducted at Manipal Hospital Varthur Road for security guards and gym trainers to save more lives during the ‘Golden Hour’

    Bengaluru : Today, Manipal Hospital Varthur Road, conducted a live session and training program for gym trainers and security guards reinforcing their vision to educate the general public for CPR AED training. Dr. Naveen Chandra, Consultant – Interventional Cardiologist, along with Dr. Ram Kumar Jayaprakash, Consultant – Critical Care, together kick-started the event. We had received participation of around 150 security guards and gym trainers. 

    With the recent rise in cardiac arrest cases among the younger age group, hospitals and health care centres have been witnessing a sudden rise in OPD numbers. People are trying to gain more knowledge about cardiac arrests and heart attacks. The several cardiac related incidents in the past has also triggered a lot of fear among the public, making it extremely crucial to reduce the panic especially in Bangalore. Hence, the doctors at Manipal Hospitals have come forward and taken the step to provide knowledge about CPR, and ways to recognise one’s health condition. Manipal Hospitals endeavours to position CPR as a basic life skill and a life support.

    Doctors say there are multiple reasons for this rise in such cases, COVID -19 also being one of the factors. In order to avoid any condition of sudden cardiac arrest, many doctors are recommending members to undergo a full check-up before taking up training programs. As most of the cases are happening at home and in fitness centres, it is important for fitness trainers and security guards to receive hands-on training in conducting CPR as they play an important role in these situations. Early CPR improves the flow of blood and oxygen to vital organs and is an essential component to treat cardiac arrest.

    “After we observed a rise in cases of cardiac arrest in the younger age groups, between 10 to 20% of people who are into fitness training have come in for heart evaluation at Manipal Hospitals. Some say that they don’t want to work out anymore and are scared of exercising all together. In such cases, we are training the fitness trainers and security guards in doing CPR training as it can help until the patient is brought to a hospital during cardiac emergencies,” said Dr. Naveen Chandra, Consultant – Interventional Cardiologist, Manipal Hospital Varthur Road, Bengaluru

    “This initiative will help make the general public aware that CPR is a basic life skill that one should be well aware of. Early CPR can help improve the blood flow to the vital organs. By keeping oxygen supply going to the brain and heart, the chances of neurological damage and cardiac arrest are lessened,” said Dr. Ram Kumar Jayapraksh, Consultant – Critical Care, Manipal Hospital Varthur Road, Bengaluru.

    Manipal Hospitals initiated the CPR training program at Sarjapur recently, and continued its efforts at Varthur Road today and shall also provide training to a lot more across units in the coming months. Manipal Hospitals intends to extend this initiative in schools, colleges, neighbourhood apartments, and especially among women to build a stronger life support skill among the people in Bengaluru.


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