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  • Manupatra incorporates Latest Technology – Enterprise Search Platform

    Published on May 6, 2011

    New Delhi: Manupatra Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the pioneers of online legal research in India and fastest growing company in comprehensive law publishing unveiled its new technology platform – Enterprise Search Platform on the auspicious day of Akshaya Trithiya. With the launch of this latest interface Manupatra, will allow busy legal professionals to access information more quickly, easily and completely from a single search.

    Mr. Deepak Kapoor, CEO, Founder and Director, Manupatra Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd., on the launch said, “Our team has worked tirelessly in the last few months to incorporate the Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP is Microsoft’s flagship Enterprise Search solution for Internet Business) into Manupatra. We are happy to announce the beta release of Manupatra in its new avatar. The launch of the new technology is a special occasion for us as this makes Manupatra the first to introduce the next generation technology experience, a cut above the rest. This landmark event could not have come at a better time, since Manupatra completes 10 years in market this year. “

    He added, “The objective to introduce new and latest in technology was to simplify and streamline the front-end search experience and provide superior results using new back-end algorithms for the users. Manupatra continues to introduce the firsts in the Indian legal industry and with the new technology improvement are geared to make further inroads into the market.”

    For the ease of its users, Manupatra has maintained same look and feel as far as possible with greater and faster performance. The new interface brings a cleaner, more modern look that will help the user get to the information with fewer clicks and in less time.

    Some key features are:

    — Gives the Google bar experience – Direct search allows users to simply write their queries as a bag of words in a text box, thus framing queries is no longer mandatory

    — User does not need to know where to search and thus is no longer tasked with selecting databases

    — Introduces Filter Results which uses a hierarchy structure to enable users to browse the information space by iteratively narrowing the scope of their quest in a predetermined order eg court: period : doc type . Filters indicate the no. of relevant documents/ results in other databases pertaining to the current search query

    Input and feedback of our users has been critical to the design the functionality of the new Manupatra interface.