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Market Analysis By Sangeeth C Cherian

China’s Yantai Halts Gold Output after Fire; Zijin Mining, Zhaojin Decline

 China’s largest gold-producing city halted output after a fire at a mine killed 16 workers, prompting investors to sell shares of Zijin Mining Group Co. and Shandong Gold Mining Co.


Pepper futures fall

Pepper futures on Monday fell sharply after remaining highly volatile on lower quotes from Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Vietnam has quoted $3,700 a tone (fob) for FAQ 500 GL pepper and on hearing it, Sri Lanka also started offering at the same price.


Today’s Strategy for Rubber


1) Go short below 17410 for a target of 17320 – 17250 with a Stop Loss at 17500

2) Go long above 17520 for a target of 17620 with a Stop Loss at 17440

3) Go short from 17690 for a target of 17570 with a Stop Loss at 17760

4) Go long from 17250 for a target of 17360 with stop loss at 17170.

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