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  • Market sees a rising star: 90% investors inclined to invest in digital gold for portfolio diversification

    Published on May 31, 2022

    • 90% of respondents showed interest in digital gold as their preferred choice of investment
    • Over 30% of respondents do not invest in cryptocurrency because of its high volatility
    • 46% of respondents invest in gold only during festivities or the marriage season
    • 26% stated that they invest in gold on a monthly basis

    SafeGold, a leading homegrown platform accelerating the digital gold ecosystem in India, today released insights from a data survey. The survey, which aimed to understand the consumer behaviour and preferences of digital investors, saw participation from 1000+ respondents. The average age group of the respondents was between 30-40 years, majorly based out of Metro cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore.

    With an increase in digitalization, the share of new age investments like digital gold has gone up and is slowly paving its way into the portfolio of investors.

    Below are some of the key insights from the survey:

    • 90% of respondents projected an inclination toward digital gold as their preferred choice of investment for diversification of portfolio.  Digital gold has gained traction and people are exploring the risk-free, storage proof digital investment option
    • Gold has always been considered a durable store of value and a hedge against inflation. 67% of the respondents said that they invest in gold owing to its long term gains
    • In India, consumers across ages and genders, invest in gold for purposes like gifting, wedding, religious connotations, investments, etc. 46% of respondents invest in gold during festivities or during the marriage season, while 26% stated that they invest in gold on a monthly basis
    • With the growing affinities around other digital investment avenues and the Web3 investment ecosystem, like NFTs and cryptocurrency, investors are keen to explore this space. However, over 38% of respondents said that they do not understand crypto and 30% are hesitant to invest in this space

    Commenting on the survey, Mr Gaurav Mathur, Founder & MD, SafeGold, said: “With the emergence of digitization and new age,  millennials are redefining their investment strategies. They are shunning traditional investments like bonds, real estate, equity shares etc. in favour of digital options for a better and secure future. With this data survey, we witnessed the inclination toward new-age investment options among investors. We are also very excited to see how digital gold is paving its way into the portfolios of investors giving us the opportunity to further educate and reassure consumers about it being a strategic investment asset.”

    The digital currency platform, SafeGold witnessed a whopping 70% growth in the number of users in the last 6 months alone and the revenue numbers have increased by 300% in the last 3 years with annual revenue of 2000 crores ending 31st March 2022.


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