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  • Marketplace Tech Infra Services and Legasis Services ties in to Value Added Partnership

    Published on June 23, 2018

    By Sachin Murdeshwar

    Mumbai:  Marketplace Tech Infra Services Private Limited (wholly-owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd.) and Legasis Services Private Limited enter into a strategic engagement on Tuesday, 19th June, 2018 for jointly promoting Compliance, Ethics and Governance solutions to companies across various industries.

    Marketplace Tech Infra Services Private Limited (wholly-owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd.) is an established player in e-enabling the businesses in financial services sector. With a powerful team of professionals, Marketplace is one of the leading providers of software solutions for the brokers in the Indian Capital Markets along with Derivatives, Commodities and Currency Markets.


    Legasis began a new era of legal risk management solutions by blending its legal knowledge with the technology in 2006 and now is a pioneer in Compliance Management Solutions serving more than 900 organisations across 32 countries in the world.

    “We feel delighted to partner with Marketplace Tech Infra (wholly-owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd.) and collaborate our strengths to the best of our abilities in providing best compliance solutions to the BSE listed companies”, says Mr. Arun Kulkarni, the Chairman of Legasis.

    Compliance culture needs an absolute commitment from the senior management as well as the Board of Directors. In order to develop awareness, effective training mechanisms, orientations and continuous improvement in the space of compliance, both Marketplace Tech Infra (wholly-owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd.) and Legasis have synergized their value propositions. Certainly, the main aim of both organizations is to promote companies to adopt preventive measures rather than bearing humongous costs of non-compliance in the long-run.

    In the present scenario, Governance and Compliance are becoming increasingly significant due to rise invarious corporate scandals. Regulators and lawmakers have been constantly enacting local as well as global regulations that organizations need to mandatorily comply with. Non-compliance in such cases may have very serious consequences.

    With increased regulatory scrutiny and ethical expectations, more and more companies are favoring value in investing in the strong and effective compliance programmes.

    Marketplace Tech Infra (wholly-owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd.) and Legasis recognized the timely need to inculcate compliance and ethics in the culture of organisations. This value addition will help them to utilise their strategic base and provide a well-designed function that would efficiently cater the ever-changing industrial needs.

    Specifically for the BSE listed companies, the partnership will focus on a compliance knowledge proposition by benchmarking the corporate compliance and developing robust compliance systems for various companies. Joint sessions and training programmes would also be encouraged so as to address individual needs of the stakeholders.


    On this occasion, Shri Ashishkumar Chauhan, Chairman, Marketplace Tech Infra Services Private Limited, mentioned “Strong compliance culture mirrors a healthy brand value of Indian corporates. We are pleased to join hands with Legasis to offer easy, timely and crisp compliance solutions to corporates in India”.




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