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  • Marquee Equity clarifies its claim in a recent fundraising activity

    Published on March 5, 2021

    New Delhi: Marquee Equity a SaaS platform, that integrates the startups looking for funding with the right kind of investors through its AI matchmaking algorithm. The firm has successful 900+ raises to its credit. Marquee promises to be the fastest and most efficient way to raise capital, with its world-class team of analysts that help the businesses with expert opinions, and aids in exit business/investment.

    Recently, in a press release, the company spoke about a fundraising of $3.8 M for an undisclosed client, mentioning the names of the investors that were interested in the funding. However, a media portal picked up the release and did their own research, and filed which implicated Marquee Equity has raised money for themselves with the said investors, and a few other articles were picked through that particular story

    Marquee wishes to clarify as per the communication that was sent out, Marquee Equity acts as a platform that integrates its clients’ email with the investors and helps facilitate the raise for them. The press release earlier issued stated the same that Marquee acts as a bridge between the businesses and the VC’s/investors, and has raised that particular funding for its client, the investors’ names mentioned in the release were the ones who have showed initial interest in that particular raise.

    So, to put out the clarity of things Marquee Equity has never claimed that the said investors were the exact ones that were part of that funding but yes they were in touch with Marquee’s client, to avoid any misdealing stories in the future.