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  • Maruti Suzuki reaches out to customers in cyclone-affected areas of Chennai and parts of Andhra Pradesh

    Published on December 7, 2023

     Chennai: Maruti Suzuki has intensified support to its customers in cyclone-affected regions of Chennai and parts of Andhra Pradesh.

    As soon as the news about the cyclone ‘Michaung’ was reported, Maruti Suzuki proactively sent out 700,000 SMS alerts containing precautionary steps to its customers. This was done to ensure that even before the cyclone hits, customers could take precautionary measures to safeguard their cars against potential damage.

    Post cyclone, committed to bring back mobility to customers’ lives in this hour of distress, Maruti Suzuki has collaborated with its dealer partners and made several arrangements at its workshops.

    The Company has

    •          identified and assigned area-specific Service Managers to assist distressed customers. Their contact information has been shared for direct communication so that customers get quick service support,

    •          mobilized 46 tow trucks from neighbouring cities and activated 34 Maruti Road Side Assistance vehicles for quick response,

    •          augmented spare parts inventory for ready availability,

    •          created a pool of trained manpower from its service workshops, in nearby cities, for quicker redressal, and

    •          collaborated with insurance firms for faster claim processing and settlement.

    The Company is making all efforts to quickly repair and handover the impacted vehicles to its customers. To ensure customer mobility is not hampered even when their vehicle is under repair, the Company is providing loaner cars and has also partnered with cab service providers.


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