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  • Masina Hospital conducted more than 100 Knee Replacement Surgeries in the year 2021

    Published on January 28, 2022

    Mumbai : Over the last few years Masina Hospital and the Rotary Club of Bombay North have been involved in many projects one of which relates to providing mobility to the social-economically weak sections of society in the form of affordable total knee replacement surgery. The surgery is offered at Masina Hospital for a cost of Rs. 1 Lakh only that includes high-quality implant and the best of care offered in ultra-modern laminar air flow operation theatre and medicines along with post-surgery in house physiotherapy treatment.

    More than 100 Total Knee Replacement surgeries have been performed by our expert panel of Orthopaedic surgeons and the results have been extremely gratifying. Many people – young and old who are disabled by crippling arthritis and pain have been given a new lease of mobility, enabling them to become productive and active. The hospital through this initiative is fulfilling its commitment to provide affordable care for the underprivileged and needy. Advanced technology and modern techniques of surgery anaesthesia and rehabilitation leads to minimal pain and short hospital stay along with excellent clinical outcomes.      

    Dr Vispi Jokhi, CEO, Masina Hospital said “Patients are bringing their concerns to our hospital in greater numbers. We at Masina have mastered Knee arthroplasty surgery that reduces discomfort instantly and restores function in severely damaged knee joints. Cutting damaged bone and cartilage from your thighbone, shinbone, kneecap and replacing it with an artificial joint (prosthesis) consisting of metal alloys, high-grade resins, and polymers is the expertise of our team.” 

    Masina Hospital is grateful to Rotary Club of Bombay North and its primary donor for getting a global grant for this laudable initiative. The beneficiaries have also spread the word about this and our consultant doctors have willingly conducted these charitable surgeries. The hospital is well prepared to continue providing patients with accessible, cost-effective, and safe healthcare solutions. 


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