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  • Masina Hospital launches a Tobacco Cessation Clinic, Oral Pre Cancer & Cancer Diagnostic Clinic

    Published on April 9, 2022

    Masina Hospital announces the launch of Tobacco Cessation Clinic. The clinic will provide modern & advanced treatments to help those who wish to quit smoking. These include targeting certain points in the body through laser technique. It will help in secretion of certain substance in the body that reduces smokers desire to smoke.

    The specialised clinic at Masina is set to offer behavioural therapy to increase awareness & highlighting negative impact of smoking. In addition to counselling against smoking, the clinic staff provides drug treatment to get rid of the habit. Nicotine substitutes will be offered in form of patches or chewing gum that in turn provides nicotine that one gets from smoking, however it’s a healthy alternate. Masina hospital is committed to add to specialised practices in healthcare space with their pioneering effort to promote oral health awareness and tobacco addiction prevention.

    Dr Vispi Jokhi, CEO, Masina Hospital said, “The smoking cessation services have seen continued increase in demand through the country with smoking becoming hazardous. Our mission is to improve public health by counselling against tobacco and improve the health status of patients through communication, prevention and timely diagnosis. Also diagnosis of pre cancer will be conducted to lead to early intervention preventing progression to oral cancer. This will reduce the high rate of morbidity and mortality associated with cancer. The department aims to analyze the tobacco usage trends and appropriately intervene on case to case basis.”

    “Masina Hospital encourages people to give priority to health and ensures access to the best tobacco intervention services. We believe in connecting the professional pool with the community resulting in mutual benefit and development of the society.” concluded Dr Jokhi.


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