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  • Mass agitation against the failure and anti people policies of BJP government held at Haflong

    Published on November 12, 2019

    By Anup Biswas


    Haflong  : In protest against the failure and anti people policies of BJP government, the Dima Hasao DCC organized a mass agitation program near Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Haflong on Monday.


    The agitation was led by Dima Hasao District President Nirmal Langthasa and Member autonomous Council (MAC) Daniel Langthasa, Kalijay Sengyung and many congress men of Dima Hasao.


    The agitation program highlighted the failure of the BJP Government at the centre and state and the impact of their failed economic policies it had on the economy and the general public.  From issues ranging from Demonetisation, GST, Price rise, job losses and unemployment to Panchayati Raj and CAB all the speakers resonates with the prevalent undercurrent amongst the general public who are fed of up zero development but all lies and fakery.


    Haflong MAC Daniel Langthasa stated that Debolal Gorlosa led BJP government at the Council was inefficient and clueless on how to administer the district and it’s people. The recent statement of Executive Member Samuel Changsan at the Council session stating his ignorance on the appointment of Sarpanch and Secretary in various areas of Dima Hasao was like an open book highlighting their administrative failures


    On the other hand DCC President Nirmal Langthasa concentrated on various issues that were weakening the democratic institutions and BJP policies of upper class capitalist politics.  Langthasa criticized the rampant privatization policies of BJP and selling off valuable PSU in the hands of private players.


    The protestors strongly opposed the illegal introduction of GPDP, a feature of Panchayati Raj in Dima Hasao District and demanded that all activities should be stopped immediately as it was unconstitutional on the part of the BJP Government to do such. They also opposed the BJP government initiative to set up detention camp in Dima Hasao and accused the present NCHAC leaders of being hand in glove with the state BJP and being completely silent on this issue.


    The Congress leaders reiterate that any policies that goes against public interest would be opposed by the Congress and the party would lead in front to preserve and protect the Constitutional provisions at all cost