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  • Wednesday, September, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:19:12
  • by Preetam BC

    Kokrajhar: The All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) and its movement group like the National Democratic Front of Boroland–Progressive (NDFB-P) and Peoples Joint Action Committee for Bodoland Movement (PJACBM) Monday carried out a massive mass gathering at Khargaon in Assam’s Kokrajhar district on their various demands including to resolve the long pending demand of Bodoland state immediately; ensure political & Land Rights to the Bodos living outside of the proposed Bodoland, ST Hills Status to the Bodos of Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao, Stop exploitation, oppression, implementation of Scheduled tribe and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Rghts) Act, 2006 in Assam  .

    Shouts of “Divide Assam 50/50”, “We want Bodoland”, “No Bodoland No Rest” reverberated in the air as thousands people gathered at the mass gathering to remind the Government of India and Government of Assam on pending issues of the Bodos and other Tribal communities.

    Participating in the mass gathering, ABSU general secretary Lorence Islary said “The irony of the fact is that despite of written and verbal assurance of National leaders for many times in many occasions, they failed to adopt a policy decision to resolve the  long awaited issues of Bodoland. We have attend unnumbered of Tripartite and Tipartite talk on the same issue and the underground groups like NDBF (P) and NDFB also has attended series of talks with authority concern but nothing has been coming out of that, he said adding “As India is the highest democratic country of the world, every citizen should enjoy their right as entitled in the constitution of India. But we are being deprived of our human right, socio-cultural right, political right to self determined within the framework of the constitution of India. It is the matter of grave concern for marginalized tribes of the country that the union”.

    Islary stated that the Government has already crated dozens of state after independence “to address the issue of regional disparity, discrimination and deprivation from socio-cultural and political rights in many regions of the country. But the deliberate act of ignoring the demands of the Bodo people from legitimate and most justified right for many decades is a matter deliberate violation of the constitutional”.

    General Secretary f NDFB(P) S. Sanjarang said “Bodoland movement is a movement for Historical Justice to the Indigenous Bodo people, the Son of the Soils, it is to protect the dignity and identity of the Sons and daughters in their ancestral land”.

    “We hope the 2nd Narendra Modi led Government will resolve all the pending socio-political issues as there are lots of example of taking hard decisions as like on the matter of J&K, as there are majority in both the House of Parliament. We do hope this Government will resolve the state hood issues including Bodoland within a short period of time he said adding ‘the movement groups demand for early resolution of the Bodoland and its subsidiary demands.