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  • Massive support for govt’s decision on demonetisation in survey on PM Modi’s app

    Published on November 24, 2016

    rail-vikas-modiNews Delhi: More than 93 per cent of the five lakh people, who participated in a survey on Narendra Modi App, have supported government for its decision to demonetise old 500 and 1000 rupee notes after Prime Minister sought public feedback on the issue on Tuesday.

    The survey result was read out by IT and Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at Cabinet meeting last evening, prompting the Prime Minister to say that it reflects the mood of the people. In a tweet, Mr Modi thanked the people for their historic participation in the survey.

    92 per cent respondents felt that demonetisation will have an impact on curbing black money, corruption and terrorism. 99 per cent of respondents expressed their views that corruption and Black money needs to be fought and eliminated.

    90 per cent of the respondents think that the Narendra Modi government’s move to tackle black money is brilliant, while 92 per cent think that its efforts against corruption are very good. 98 per cent respondents believe that black money exists in India.

    In the public opinion survey, five lakh people participated and sent their views on ten questions. The survey sought people’s opinion on whether they believe black money exists in India, and whether they mind facing the inconvenience in fighting corruption, black money, and terrorism. The survey also sought suggestions, ideas and insights on demonetisation from the general public.