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  • Saturday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:55:57
  •  New Delhi  – MAXHUB, a leading provider of collaborative communication solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Actis Technologies Pvt Ltd, a renowned player in the technology distribution sector. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in MAXHUB India’s journey towards expanding its reach and driving innovation in the collaborative communication market.

    The initial phase of the collaboration will focus on capturing tier I and tier II cities across India, with plans for expansion into neighbouring countries ( Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal )  in the near future. MAXHUB India has set ambitious sales targets, aiming to exceed INR 100 crores in sales by the end of this financial year. These targets are driven by the strength of this partnership and the inherent potential of its product line.

    The partnership between MAXHUB India and Actis Technologies Pvt Ltd capitalizes on Actis’s extensive channel network and expertise, aligning seamlessly with MAXHUB’s objective of reaching new channel partners across the nation. With Actis’s inclusion in the prestigious Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) by Microsoft, MAXHUB India anticipates leveraging this partnership to position its Microsoft Certified Team Rooms solutions effectively in the market.

    “We are excited to join forces with Actis Technologies Pvt Ltd as our National Distributor for MAXHUB India. This partnership not only expands our reach but also strengthens our commitment to delivering cutting-edge collaborative communication solutions to customers across India. Together, we look forward to unlocking new opportunities and setting new benchmarks in the industry,” said Pankaj Jha, Country Head & Director of Sales, MAXHUB India.

    Commenting on this partnership, Viraj Talmaki, Vice President – Channel Sales at Actis, said, “This strategic partnership with MAXHUB India leverages our deep understanding of the Indian channel landscape coupled with MAXHUB’s innovative solutions, creating a formidable alliance poised to drive significant growth in the collaborative communication market.”

    As MAXHUB India and Actis Technologies Pvt Ltd embark on this journey together, they are committed to delivering exceptional value to their customers and partners. Through innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision, they aim to shape the future of collaborative communication.


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