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  • McDonald`s, Dollar General, and ManpowerGroup were the Top Hiring Companies in September with 254,000 Open Job Posts

    Published on September 27, 2023

     Tracking a company’s hiring trend is a valuable investment strategy, helping investors get an inside scoop on the company, stay informed about its growth or decline, and make up to date stock picks.

    According to data from AltIndex.com, McDonald`s, Dollar General, and ManpowerGroup were the three top hiring publicly listed companies in September, with a whopping 254,000 open job posts.

    McDonald`s Tops with 104,000 Opened Job Posts

    Over the past years, savvy investors started looking to job postings to predict a company`s performance. Many discovered job ads can be linked with sales and earnings growth. Moreover, changes in the number of job postings can also be linked to stock returns over the two trading days around the change.

    According to data from the AI platform AltIndex, McDonald`s is the absolute leader among the publicly listed companies when talking about opened job posts. Statistics show the fast-food giant posted 104,000 job ads this month, far more than any other public company.

    The US retailer Dollar General ranked second on this list, with 84,000 job posts as of last week. ManpowerGroup followed, with 18,000 job posts less than that. Statistics show the US used cars dealer, Auto Zone, ranked fourth, with a total of 51,000 job ads this month, while Domino`s, Wendy`s, and Accenture followed with more than 30,000 opened jobs each.

    Manpower Group has the Best Social Media Sentiment of All Top Hiring Companies

    The Altindex data also gave an interesting insight into which countries and industries have the most top-hiring companies. Statistics show that nine out of ten top hiring companies are headquartered in the United States, while one-third of them work in the food industry.

    Statistics also show that ManpowerGroup is the absolute winner when talking about the stock`s social media sentiment or the general opinion for investing in it across top investing forums.

    Besides being one of the three top hiring companies in September, the US car dealer also has the highest social media score of 100 out of 100, up from 87 last month. That means ManpowerGroup overperforms all its industry peers and has more positive discussions in stock forums than any other company in this industry.


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