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  • Friday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:57:31
  • CHENNAI: McDonald’s India (West and South) – owned and operated by Westlife Development Ltd. has kick-started this festive season by launching a new campaign ‘Festivals Make Families ‘. The new heartwarming digital-forward Brand Film captures the festive celebrations of a family with various moments that bring them all together.

    Largely shot in a single take, this film showcases a young member of the family (the protagonist) who records various moments of fun, excitement, and rib-tickling chaos in the house during the celebration. The protagonist is seen narrating the level of enthusiasm among each member of the family, young and old alike. From greeting guests to providing finishing touches to decorations, from the choice of flowers to dance moves on the same old music, from attires to cracking the same old jokes – nothing has changed, yet the enthusiasm is always at its peak. However, festivals are the only time when families come together and enjoy special moments over a McDonald’s meal that are cherished. It is one of those special moments which makes the protagonist realise the importance and beauty of festivals.

    Overall, the film highlights that the essence and the memories of these festive celebrations never fade away even if they appear the same every year.

    Arvind R.P., Director – Marketing and Communications at McDonald’s India (West and South) said, “Festivals and McDonald’s have one thing in common, they bring families together to celebrate joyous occasions. Through this Brand Film, we intend to capture how McDonald’s Meals play a pivotal role in making family times memorable. We at McDonald’s India constantly work on strengthening the meal proposition for our customers, especially families, so they can relish their favourites and make McDonald’s an integral part of every celebration. We believe this campaign strikes the perfect chord with families and strengthens their trust and love towards our brand.”

    Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head – West, DDB Mudra said, “What makes festivals the most eagerly awaited events ever? If you’ve seen one, haven’t you seen them all? Then what gives? McDonald’s set out to explore this train of thought in a festive campaign that is an ode to families across the country – or the world, for that matter.”

    Now showing on YouTube and other social platforms, this slice-of-life film is created in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.


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