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  • Medical Team at Medeor Hospital give a new life to a bedridden Indian employed abroad in the midst of pandemic

    Published on November 30, 2020

    New Delhi: A 52-year-old Indian carpenter and safety assistant working abroad, suffered a fracture in the hip joint (acetabulum) due to fall from approx. 10 meters’ height. After which he was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and surgery.

    However, the surgery was not successful, as in a couple of months the head of his thigh bone vanished and implant inside broke, as a result he became bed-ridden for almost a year with one of his legs shorter than the other by around 6 cm and was unable to support his weight or provide balance.

    Stuck due to COVID 19 pandemic, he finally returned to his hometown in Punjab once the travel restrictions eased. He approached many hospitals and consulted several doctors, but because of aforementioned complications, most of them expressed their inability to treat him. Finally, after an advice by one of his friend, he went to Medeor Hospital, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, where doctors examined his condition thoroughly.

    Elaborating upon the case, Dr. Saif Nabi Shah, Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Medeor Hospital, said, “Patient was bedridden for a year after the accident, which made his bones further brittle. He was immediately taken for a diagnostic investigation for assessing the challenges in his case. It was the disappearance of the head of his left thigh (femur) bone, which made his case rare.”

    Dr.  Saif further added, “Without losing much time, we decided to conduct the surgery. With the help of experienced team of doctors and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities at our hospital, surgery was completed successfully. As a result, patient regained his leg length and was back on his feet without pain in two days.”

     “In the one year that I was bedridden and my several encounters with different hospitals had led me and my family to believe that I would never be able to stand again. However, the treatment at Medeor Hospital gifts me a second life. I would like to thank Dr Saif and the staff for being so helpful and kind” said patient.

    Emphasising on how advance medical science has made surgeries really effective and safe medium of treatment, Dr. Saif adds “I have seen many patients hesitating to get a surgery done, till it gets very critical. Most surgeries are safer today than what it was earlier. It is important for patients to visit qualified surgeons and good healthcare services. Patients need to really trust their doctor’s advice and show confidence if they are recommended a surgery.”