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  • Medicover Hospitals, save India’s youngest Covid-19+ve patient using ‘Plasma Therapy’

    Published on September 10, 2020

    Hyderabad: A team of experts at Medicover Hospitals,  in Maharashtra saved the life of a two-months old infant who tested Covid-19+ve by performing ‘Plasma Therapy’. This arguably is the youngest patient in India (and around the World) on whom plasma transfusion was performed to save life.

    The child was admitted to the hospital under critical condition, with 80% of the lungs getting infected with coronavirus, resulting into acute pneumonia. Respiratory distress and high temperature turned the condition severe; and the child was not responding to traditional Covid-19 treatment protocols. From Remdesivir injection to Heparin therapy, all possible treatments were tried on the patient.

    The immune system among children is not fully developed and are at the risk of contracting infectious diseases early; and this is the same for coronavirus too. There is a misnomer in the society that the risk of Covid-19 is less among children, but the fact remains that the virus is dangerous to children too,” added Dr. Anil Krishna, Chairman, Medicover Group (India).

    Commenting on the treatment, Dr. Sushil Parakh, Medical Director, Medicover Hospitals said, “With the child not responding to every other treatment, we decided to perform plasma therapy as the last resort. And after 22-days of tireless efforts put in by the medical team at Medicover Hospitals, the young warrior recovered to get reunited with his mother! The baby is now discharged to return to home and is being observed remotely, by a team of experts from the hospital.

    Sometimes, instead of rushing to a hospital in time, parents end up performing home remedies due to fear of prevailing Covid-19 situation. The consequences at times are bad. During these times of a global pandemic, it is important people stay vigilant of symptoms, and rush to a healthcare facility before situation goes beyond control.