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Medikabazaar Go (MBGO) Revolutionises Last-Mile Delivery with Introduction of Electric Fleet

Mumbai  – Medikabazaar Go, the logistics arm of Medikabazaar announced the launch of its electric fleet for last-mile delivery. As part of its commitment to sustainable and efficient operations, MBGO has added electric scooters to its fleet across all metro cities, this will be followed by a rollout across Tier 2 cities as well in India.

With the introduction of the electric fleet, Medikabazaar aims to transform the traditional delivery model, making it more sustainable, cost-efficient, and easily trackable. By adopting electric vehicles (EVs), MBGO seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute towards a greener future. The company’s decision to embrace EVs aligns with its commitment to environmental sustainability and promoting eco-friendly practices within the industry.

The launch event in Mumbai marked the beginning of this exciting new phase for MBGO. These electric scooters offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles but also provide enhanced agility and speed for quick & efficient deliveries.

Mr. Vivek Tiwari, Founder & CEO of Medikabazaar, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, saying, “We are thrilled to introduce our electric fleet for last-mile delivery. This initiative is in line with our vision to create a sustainable logistics ecosystem that not only benefits our business but also contributes to the overall well-being of the environment. By adopting EVs, we aim to reduce emissions, lower operational costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of our healthcare delivery network, making it accessible even in the remotest of places of the country.”

MBGO plans to expand its electric fleet across ten major cities in India, including Tier – 2 cities  through a total fleet size of 150+ vehicles. This expansion will enable Medikabazaar to offer a seamless, eco-friendly, and highly efficient delivery experience to its customers across the country.

Medikabazaar ‘s  move towards electric vehicles is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to corporate social responsibility. By embracing sustainable practices, Medikabazaar aims to lead the way in transforming the healthcare logistics industry, setting an example for others to follow.

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