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MediSage, P&G Health host digital mega-event

Mumbai: MediSage, one of the largest online community of doctors, in collaboration with P&G Health India, hosted a unique interactive session for Neuropathy Awareness. This event was physically and parallelly hosted in 12 cities, spanning 2 countries and was digitally attended by 3000+ doctors from 25 countries.

Experts from the field of Neuropathy—Dr Satish Khadilkar, Dr Neeta Mehta Shah, Dr Arabinda Mukherjee, Dr Mathew Abraham, and Dr Sanjay Kalra—were the esteemed faculty for the event which  was organised at Sahara Star. The faculty shared some interesting insights from some of their clinical cases, highlighting their clinical hacks for early diagnosis and timely management of Neuropathy. Mr Milind Thatte, Managing Director, P&G Health India and Mr Abhishek Ghosh, Director, MediSage, also attended this event.

This had as moderators key opinion leaders (KOLs) Dr Noel Somasundaram in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dr Deepak Khandelwal in Delhi, Dr Saptarshi Bhattacharya in Ghaziabad, Dr Sanjay Saran in Jaipur, Dr Sandeep Julka in Indore, Dr Debmalya Sanyal in Kolkata, Dr Pranav Joshi in Ahmedabad, Dr Hari Kumar in Hyderabad, Dr Dwarkanath in Bengaluru, Dr Reji Paul in Kochi and Dr Meenakshi Sundaram in Chennai.

According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates, nearly 425 million people worldwide live with diabetes mellitus (DM). This figure is expected to touch a whopping 629 million by 2045. India has the second-largest number of patients (72,946,400) living with DM—a prevalence rate of 8.8%. With an increasing number of people suffering from DM, case complications are also on the rise across India. The experts talked about how more than 50% of the people with diabetes can remain undiagnosed giving rise to diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), a prevalence estimate of 18.8% to 61.9%, according to the IDF. The most known complication related to DM is DPN, which is common among diabetics living in urban, as well as rural, India.1

The experts underscored the urgent need to improve diagnoses and provide proper and timely care as early as possible to patients with such symptoms. MediSage has been running the initiative, Nerve Care Forum, in collaboration with the P&G Health for the past two years to bridge this gap. This Neuropathy Awareness event has furthered that cause.

‘Spend more energy on

honing clinical skills’

‘This digital event was awesome. I simply loved the experience, interest and enthusiasm in neuropathy diagnosis and management it generated. Neuropathy is so obvious that people don’t look out for it and that’s why there’s a lot of hidden neuropathy issues in our country. During the trying Covid times, the Nerve Care Forum kept reminding us to assess and address such issues. I think that message has percolated down the rank and file of physicians across India.

The message to those working in Tier 2 and 3 cities and semi-urban areas—and that includes me—is not to feel inferior in terms of knowledge and information as everything is available at one’s fingertips. Even if one doesn’t have access to the latest diagnostic facilities, that doesn’t mean one can’t work. All it means is that one spends more energy in honing one’s clinical skills and end up becoming as good as—if not better than—your colleagues in the larger cities’

—    Dr Sanjay Kalra, Director and Senior Endocrinologist, Bharti Hospital, Karnal, India

‘Empowering the experts

on early diagnosis of nerve care’

“It is our constant endevour to help educate consumers as well the healthcare fraternity about the causes and early symptoms identification of Neuropathy. A large population of the country today suffers from Vitamin B deficiencies without knowing the causes and the risks associated with this condition including nerve damage. It is a delight to take the educational continuum forward together to empower the community and ultimately bring the best to our patients ”

—    Mr Milind Thatte, Managing Director, P&G Health Limited

‘Urgent need to empower

doctors on neuropathy’

‘Our goal has always been to empower the last-mile doctors. Nerve health is an ignored matter and an enormous gap in a huge population like ours. It is so easily missed due to several reasons and it can become painful and so severe that it brutally impacts the quality of life of the patients. Hence, it’s been critical for us at MediSage to educate and empower physicians about neuropathy and help with early diagnosis of the same’

—    Abhishek Ghosh, Director, MediSage

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