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    Meet Dr. Shankar Iyer, who has excelled in his field and is doing his bit for the community.

    Published on March 29, 2021

    He has dedicated himself for the welfare of medical and education fields.

    “I want to ensure medical and education care through my initiatives,” says the eminent doctor who is known for his exemplary work which has taken him on a high pedestal on a global platform. Dr.Shankar Iyer is amongst the few in the medical fraternity who wants to make a difference by providing exceptional community services and make a positive impact on the globe. His charity work is spread across medical and education sectors.

    Dr.Iyer is an alumnus of GDC, Mumbai, is a prosthodontist who has specialised in cosmetic and implant surgery having a mastery in the field over the past few decades. He earned his scholarship back in the year 1990 and went ahead to gain experience by working with the world’s renowned implant professionals. He learnt the basics of implants at a time when that term was relatively new in India. After gaining years of experience and performing many successful implant surgeries across the world, Dr.Iyer has become one of the best known names in the medical profession. Patients vouch for his impeccable work which has made him one of the most sought after implant specialists in the industry. Along with managing his private practice which specialises in dental implants and reconstructive dentistry, he also holds the position of a clinical assistant professor at Rutgers University, New Jersey. 

    His work has been widely acclaimed and has earned him the NJ top doctor award surprisingly, back to back for ten long years. Such is the impact of his work that he is the first Asian to be chosen as the President of American Academy of implant dentistry which is one of the oldest implant organisations known in history. Dr Iyer always wanted to do his bit for the medical community and with that aim he founded his charitable organisation named ‘Smile USA Foundation’. “I wanted to help those who did not have a proper support system to further their education dreams and also share my success by giving it back to the society in some way, that was the thought in founding my organisation which fulfills my objectives of giving a helping hand to those who need it,” says Dr Iyer. Today, his charity provides free dentures and implants to the underprivileged from the backward areas of Karnataka, as well as provides scholarships to postgraduate students who want to pursue their careers in the field of prosthodontics. His model in dentistry has never been explored before. All of the patients get free tests before their dentures so that their quality of life can be improved by enhancing their general health. Many of the undetected diseases were revealed and proper medical treatment provided. 

    Dr Iyer’s ‘Smile USA Foundation’ has tied up with Reliance foundation for its educative initiatives. They provide the right opportunities to Indian dentists who want to pursue higher education in the universities and academies based in the United States. This initiative helps them bag American certifications for completed courses which are great for enhancing their career prospects. Dr Iyer wants to give a special mention to Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the towering business magnate of India, without whose support this project would not have been possible. Dr Iyer’s foundation in collaboration with Reliance foundation has also initiated this unique course which is not available anywhere in the world offering training in oro facial pain, temporomandibular disorders and dental sleep medicine. This course was conducted at the Reliance hospital in Mumbai. Mr.Ambani was facilitated by Dr Iyer at the graduation ceremony of this course.

    Dr Iyer has trained more than 3,000 dentists from various parts of the world and he has attended more than 100+ international conferences in 30 countries, having conducted more than 10,000 implants till date. He has received the highest recognition from the Indian Dental Association who have honoured him with the prestigious ‘Sushrutha Award’, which is indeed a great achievement.