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  • Meet Hyderabad-based Jasvath Reddy and Priyanka Gaddimidi who feels valued at Amazon India and holds the company in high regard

    Published on September 22, 2021

    Hyderabad: In 2018, a report published by the World Health Organization stated that there are nearly 63 Million Indians who suffer from partial or complete hearing impairment. For these individuals, every day is a challenge to maneuver through life, with speech and hearing impairment. Lack of access to quality education, and unavailability of job opportunities after education, continue to be barriers for differently abled citizens of the society. However, what makes them special and undeterred, is their spirit to create a meaningful life for themselves and learning something new, every single day.

    Such is a story of 30-year-old G. Jasvath Reddy. Many people often believe that living with any disability is an inability. However, Jasvath Reddy’s life has proven them all wrong. He might find it difficult to hear but that does not impair him from carrying out his duties with commitment and efficiency.

    Born and raised in Hyderabad, Jasvath started his career with Amazon India as a Warehouse Assistant in September of 2019 in Amazon’s Fulfillment Centre. Prior to joining Amazon, Jasvath was associated with a local NGO who helped him learn new skills to lead a sustainable life. As this was his first job, Jasvath was always apprehensive whether he would be treated at par with others. However, over the last two years, Jasvath has not only become a role model for several other associates within the Fulfilment Centre but is also an ambassador for helping the company onboard and train new people with disabilities. Jasvath credits Amazon India for not only bringing a sense of financial stability and security to his life, but also for acting as a matchmaker. It is at Amazon, where Jasvath found a life partner in Umarani, his colleague and fellow Amazonian and married her in December of 2020. 

    When life throws a curveball, most people are often left at a crossroad. However, there are some that emerge victorious, managing all kinds of situation while inspiring those who follow, to explore unconventional pathways. Hyderabad-based Priyanka Gaddimidi is one of them, who is breaking barriers within her community and paving a path for People with Disabilities, with excellence.

    Often, society views individuals with speech and hearing impairment, through a lens. People see the disability before the individual and deem them unfit for many tasks and conventional job opportunities. Hence, the daily challenges for individuals within the community are never-ending. Right from the lack of access, quality education, to equitable job opportunities, there are many obstacles which the individuals with speech and hearing impairment have to overcome daily. Regardless, and through all her struggles, Priyanka has always been headstrong to overcome her challenges and help fulfill her family’s dream to lead a comfortable life.

    A resident of Nagul, Priyanka never let her condition come in the way of making it big in life. After an unending road of job search, in June of 2020, she found her work opportunity at Amazon as an Associate at the company’s fulfilment centre. Priyanka felt elated when she learned about Amazon’s work opportunities for PwD (People with Disabilities) individuals. Almost immediately, she signed up for the role and was happy to debut her career with Amazon India.

     “People with disabilities find it very difficult to find jobs and even the ones who manage to find them, are often discriminated against and underpaid. I can proudly say, at Amazon everyone is valued and treated equally. My managers are extremely supportive of my work and encourage me to perform better. My family members and friends are proud of the work I do, and I am thankful to Amazon India for providing my wife and I with this wonderful opportunity”, says Jasvath.

    “In the beginning, I was very apprehensive about the way I would be treated at work. However, upon starting my journey at Amazon, I was always made to feel equal. I started my journey a year ago with little to no knowledge of the functions needed at a warehouse but with time, and the constant support given to me by my peers, I have been able to learn new skills and work across many roles. I have received a lot of recognition and I feel lucky to work in an inclusive environment that allows me to grow. I am glad Amazon India welcomes everyone from all walks of life and enables us to excel with our uniqueness.” Says Priyanka.


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