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  • Thursday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:43:47
  • Born and Brought up in Erbil, Kurdistan, Mabast Bahaden is a budding content creator and YouTuber. Popularly known as Mabast King, he has his own Youtube Channel with the same name. He loves posting humorous videos on his channel.

    He has a strong desire to create change in Kurdish society, and he aims to do so through his Youtube Channel. He first started his Youtube Channel as a means for having fun. However, later on, he realized that Kurdish society needed someone to teach them something that doesn’t exist in Kurdish society. He wanted to keep them away from the sadness and annoyance which the people of Kurdistan face due to the poor financial and social situation of the Kurds.

    Mabast King has a strong social media presence. He uses his online presence to communicate his creation to his audience. His main target audience for his social media accounts and Youtube Channel are teenagers. He feels like he can connect with them on another level. He has a strong need to impact their lives rightfully and help them establish new thinking in their minds. He wants to be understood by young people and help them understand the truth of the world.

    Mabast King has a strong charismatic persona and a well-built body. He is six feet and one inch tall and weighs around seventy-nine kilograms. His pictures on Instagram have put the world on its toes.

    Mabast King has become famous all because of his Youtube Channel. He posts different types of content on his channel. At a young age, Mabast King was able to reach a level of success.

    From posting fun videos, Playing Games, making pranks, vlogs, reactions, creating a few Meme Reviews, to uploading songs or raps, Mabast King provides this all in the form of criticism.

    The most fantastic thing in the YouTube community, especially the Kurdish YouTube community, is supporting each other. With the support of Mabast King’s Youtube community, he has come a long way of success.

    Mabast King was the first person to create a phenomenon in Kurdish Society. He was able to talk about the phenomenon through his songs and rap. One of his most popular songs includes Warzi Zstan which talks about the harsh reality of the government. In the video, he shows the good and bad side of the winter season which he relates to the management of the government and the good and bad of the society.


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