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    Meet Manthan Dudeja, the young tech expert who is inspiring the youth by generating good income while still being in college

    Published on February 26, 2021

    ‘The secret to getting ahead is getting started’

    Mark Twain said this decades ago, but if there was a time in history, when this quote suited the best, then that time would be now.

    Ever since the internet made inroads into our lives we have been overwhelmed with the options available to get started with, in addition to the resources aplenty to seek help from.

    Today, what you earn will eventually depend upon your skillset and how early you get started to build an expertise in your domain. 

    Starting early not only blesses you by experimenting various vocations before you can niche down but it also saves a lot of time after you attain a certain age and you cannot experiment with your lives.

    Born in a small town in Karnal, Manthan had dreams that he wanted to live at the earliest, so while he was in school, he learnt necessary skills and started with his blog on tech, his passion for gaming, tech and devices came handy throughout his career.

    Taking about his inspiration to hone his skills while being in school, Manthan dudeja says,” I always wanted to do something different and scalable, since I was into tech, I knew that there will be a huge demand for my skills if I start building my portfolio related to tech, and it actually did, there is no bigger inspiration than performing better than you did yesterday”.

    Currently, he is a student pursuing computer sciences in the US while generating thousands of dollars while working as a CEO at techCrack and his other IT related blogs such as A Tech website and Tech world zone.

    Simultaneously, he is also helping various businesses and influencers in building their apps/websites and educating millions with his detailed news/articles surrounding tech via his various social media handles. Undoubtedly, he is the master of all trades who have excellent time management skills to divide amongst his various interests while living far off from his home in California.