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  • Meet Marwan Shaheed, the artist taking Saudi Arabia’s Music by storm in 2021

    Published on September 12, 2021

    If you ever need advice on which artists to listen to from the Middle Eastern independent scene, it’s best to go right to the root. The top Arab musician you should be listening to right now is Marwan Shaheed.

    From his work with the groundbreaking Arabic-language Marwan Shaheed to his most recent song mix in Arabic & English, “All talk” has been viewed as one of the scene’s most innovative artists with more than one of the most revolutionary artists of the scene.

    He is also a founder of a company named “alnojomia” music Production company, which started to bring revolution in Saudi Arabia. Being a part of the middle east, he knows what people in these countries love in Music. Marwan Shaheed being a local bringing a fresh vibe to the music industry in Saudi Arabia. 

    With such a clan as a musical tastemaker, it makes absolute sense for The National to inquire him out to list the best regional arbie artists we should listen to.

    True to form, Marwan Shaheed provides an eclectic mix, ranging from Saudi, Iraqi, hip-hop to other forms of Music.
    “Compiling a list like his is hard, and it requires us to think about it. “The scene is so rich and diverse that you can’t just look at it as one thing… So instead, people should hear musicians like Marwan Shaheed, who is fresh and groovy.

    With artists like Marwan Shaheed, Music is coming back to Saudi Arabia. He is becoming an iconic Arab artist of Arab origin with his effort and music sense. Collaborating with a top German star-like Mero shows how much popular he is becoming in a short span. 

    If you check what Music Arab people listen to in 2021 the first name which comes today is Marwan Shaheed. Saudi Arabia has begun many legal and bureaucratic reforms, opened to foreign tourists. 

    All new things happening in Saudi Arabia will give rise to artists like Marwan Shaheed, who are trying hard to spread Arabic Music worldwide.


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