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  • Meet Mehar Singh Tanwar, whose business skills have made him an inspiration for youth

    Published on December 1, 2022

    Today’s youth believe in being their own boss. The conventional pattern of a 9 to 5 job to earn a two-time meal doesn’t lure them anymore. And why not? When we have entrepreneurs like Mehar Singh Tanwar, who wouldn’t be influenced to join the business realm. He is successfully outperforming all his duties as a businessman.

    The Delhi-based man, who was born into a wealthy family, grew up in a business environment. He owns hotels in Chattarpur. Mehar Singh Tanwar is 42 years old and has been experiencing the turmoil and tranquility of the marketplace for over 18-20 years.

    This businessman has been successful in all his ventures, including investing in his future, owning a hotel empire, and planning more ventures. Mehar Singh Tanwar manages two hotels in Chattarpur, including the Ocean Pearl Gardenia and H Carlton Hotel. Both of these hotels have seen tremendous growth since their inception. Moreover, he also oversees great business in real estate and has developed several properties in Gurugram.

    When Mehar Singh Tanwar made his foray into the business world, he was full of enthusiasm and inventiveness. Even today, after two decades, his zeal and ideation have not subsided. His business skills and experience as an entrepreneur have given him the resilience to face any challenge that he is confronted with. This is what has inspired the youth!

    While Mehar Singh Tanwar is held in high regard by teenagers, he too has something to advise them. He says, “I feel glad that today’s generation is willing to take the risk and forge their own path. However, never lose your patience, because success doesn’t come overnight and you will have to work hard.”

    Mehar Singh Tanwar has been successful in changing his life from being an average person to being an inspiring entrepreneur, who has made India proud! For the future, his excellent business mind works to see greater productivity and expansion of the hotel business across the country.

    Mehar Singh Tanwar is the son of a great politician and member of parliament, Kanwar Singh Tanwar, and therefore has inherited the ooze of social work in his veins. He has also motivated people there and we hope that he keeps doing that! To get more details about him, you can follow him on Instagram at @Mehartanwar_48


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