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Meet Prodip Kumar Datta, an ace business mind enthralling all in entrepreneurship

He is a well-respected industrialist today whose companies exude his dedication and business prudence.

The way a few industries of the world have grown and shown immense potential to further grow in the coming years can be attributed to several factors. Of course, technological advances are one reason, but no one can deny the efforts and contributions that a few extremely talented entrepreneurs and business personalities put in to take those industries to greater success levels every year. To do that consistently is even more challenging, but determined individuals and professionals keep walking their path and make sure to inspire greatness in their fields. Doing exactly that and much more with his astute business acumen and prudence is a driven industrialist from Dhaka, Bangladesh named Prodip Kumar Datta, the man who has been much in the news for all his businesses.

Who is Prodip Kumar Datta, you ask? Well, this Dhaka guy always had it in him to become a prominent name in the world of business. Getting into the manufacturing aspects of the business world was not something that happened overnight for him. His journey to becoming the industrialist he is today took him years of hard work and a strong mental attitude, optimizing which, he has become a well-respected name in the world of entrepreneurship with all of his three businesses. The first one is PMB Global (Www.pmbglobal.net), which is a global limited company seen as a pioneer international voice service and solutions provider based in Hong Kong, with a regional hub in Singapore, UAE, and Bangladesh.

Another firm of his is OFS Cables Ltd (www.ofscables.com), one of the leading optical fiber cable manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. It has attained expertise in manufacturing excellence with telecommunications cables and telecom fiber accessories in a short span of time. He also owns Crossworld Telecom (www.crossworldtel.com) a Licensed (ICX) telecom exchange house playing role as International & domestic exchange(ICX)
Prodip Kumar Datta’s increasing name and all of his company’s rapid rise in their respective niches have brought the ace industrialist to the forefront.

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