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    Meet Purendra Kumar and Yogesh Kushwaha: Two Youth Digital Entrepreneurs Creating Business Empire

    Published on February 23, 2021

    Digital marketing is a domain that is growing exponentially in this era. People are diving into this domain but not many are able to work hard and consistently and fail in long run. While there are many failure stories, there are two young guys with their youthful determination and enthusiasms are ruling the industry of digital marketing. Those two names are, Purendra Kumar and Yogesh Kushwaha. 

    While the majority of the young people at their age take part in examinations and fun exercises, Yogesh Kushwaha and Purendra Kumar are occupied with building their business domain. 

    The young people of our nation have developed their business abilities, in this manner the quantity of new companies has been expanding step by step. Purendra Kumar from Dewada, Chhattisgarh and Yogesh Kushwaha from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh are two such youthful personalities who are exploding online media these days with their imaginative brain and business abilities. At a particularly youthful age Purendra Kumar and Yogesh Kushwaha are showing new statures of business visionary abilities that are making our country pleased all around the world. 

    At this age, they created a huge name with their Branditude Media Company that has more employed more than 50 workers. They also boast of clients like Netflix and IPL in their client list. For many what just could be a dream, for these two these things are just the result of their hard work. They keep on churning results and reaching their goals.

    Yogesh Kushwaha is a multi-skilled youthful serial business person and digital marketing pioneer who do various things easily. He is effectively occupied with the digital marketing industry for a long while and offers different online types of assistance. Yogesh Kushwaha has pretty profound information about Blockchain innovation; he is likewise viewed as an extremely savvy financial backer. Mr. Yogesh Kushwaha consistently does gymming and swimming to remain fit and keep his body fit as a fiddle as he is a lot of cognizant about his wellbeing and wellness. He is also an automobile freak.

    Purendra Kumar is a Digital Marketer, SEO master, Youtuber, Influencer, Celebrity Manager, and Serial Entrepreneur. Even subsequent to dealing with numerous things in various spaces, Purendra Kumar doesn’t pass up having a great time like an ordinary individual, he loves to play computer games and play snooker in his leisure time. 

    Purendra Kumar and Yogesh Kushwaha are buckling down for their fantasy to turn into a Businessman Tycoon later on. We wish everything they reach their objectives very soon and get satisfied soon. Purendra Kumar and Yogesh Kushwaha are a motivation for the young people of our country. The manner in which they are buckling down for themselves and driving towards their goals with a point is something truly great thing to look up for all youths of our country.