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  • Meet Rachit Yadav: The King of Book Conceptualization Known for his World Records in the Writing Domain

    Published on November 22, 2021

    Rachit Yadav – A Writer, Music Composer, CEO – WIW Network, A Setter of Multiple World Records and what more!!!

    Rachit Yadav, The world record setter for his latest project in the World Book of Records, London – by conceptualizing Where India Writes 2021-World’s Largest Flip Anthology: Not Just An Anthology, It’s A Sololgoy.

    Where India Writes 2021-World’s Largest Flip Anthology: Not Just An Anthology It’s A Sololgoy. Solology – means the collection of your own thoughts and ideas. A word again founded by the very person within his belief for the writing. In the bound of this book you will find 170+ emerging authors who have participated with their amazingly written sections on different themes and emotions. Each write-up consist of 500+ words, which makes every write up a must read. There are more than  1000 pages and 1.36 lakh+ words in the book making it absolutely unique and different.

    Rachit Yadav, The Founder of Where India Writes, was born and brought up in city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He has completed his schooling as well as graduation from the same city. He is a student of MBA in Media and Entertainment. And then Rachit became the founder of Where India Writes Network in 2019. The foundation of the network was the greatest ever initiative taken. The coming results after this were not only surprising for Rachit Yadav himself but worth appreciated by the world.

    The projects created and published under Where India Writes Network, started to gain attention of the people as well as the new artists with their first project itself. After achieving so much recognition, appreciation from both the participated writers and the readers as the audience, Rachit never looked back and continued his journey on this path.

    Rachit Yadav, is a motivational spark with every project he has worked on. His works has always been attention  seeking and worth appreciating. He brings the unique in the normal. Sees the exceptional in the usual.

    Rachit, himself has set world records on personal level in writing and music field. He has written the song book named – Marjavaan – Love That Never Ends, and it is a world record song album certified by the International Book of Records, containing 20 version of the same song Marjavaan.

    Talking about his songwriting skills, He is an excellent writer and his songs are given the personal touch of feelings like warmth, love and sometimes sadness. A whole wonderful romantic composition in other words. It’s the way he expresses his writings and also his skills as an amusing artist.

    The passion and motivation for Rachits’ work is talent which is present in the people around him. He believes that everyone is talented in their unique way and just need the right platform to showcase the beautiful and worth appreciating talents. In the same belief He and his foundation successfully is running various organizations under his Where India Writes Network like – Publication, Competition, & many more.

    These achievements have not just come as a proof of how much one’stalent is worth of, but he has set examples and inspired many young artists to take the step and achieve their own success!

    Whether we talk about his recent and well popular world record of World’s Largest Flip Anthology, or his another book written in world largest reverse order. Which is again conceptualized and executed wonderfully by him in 2020 with 800 writers but write ups written in reverse order. Or the very first book on Valentine’s week. The man has already achieved the hat-rick and there is no stop for his work in the future.

    Rachit Yadav, is playing a great role as contributing his efforts in presenting out different talents of the people in the creative fields at national as well as international level.

    There are many people around us who are gifted with such talents and are working hard, day and night, for the love and passion for it. And luckily there are people who sees this kind of hard-work, coming with full of the dedication and determination. They value such artists and creators and step ahead to make them shine around the globe.

    Rachit Yadav, is one of those eyes! A young man, filled with full of passion and courage within himself and determined to dedicate his work in giving respect and recognition to different Talents in Different Fields.