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  • Meet Raunak Singh, founder of pan-Indian organization “Sikh Aid”, who has gone to the next level with his work

    Published on October 18, 2021

    _The noble initiative led by this gentle soul has been offering its services in different cities across India.

    Being selfless is difficult, so is being considerate, sympathetic, and generous. It’s simple to write and preach about these qualities, but following them is indeed a task for many of us. It is extremely difficult to follow these practices consistently. However, amongst the human race, Sikhs are the ones who practice selflessness like no other, and we have many examples in front of us who have led an excellent example of how connected one should be with humanity. It’s a known fact that human nature does not exist in black and white, but rather in a variety of shades as we have the tendency to switch from being selfish to being selfless, and even both at the same time. Sikhs simply choose to make selflessness an important part of their lives as a result of their gurus’ words and deeds. Today, we met one such personality named, Raunak Singh from Cuttack, Odisha, who is one of the few young people who have dedicated their lives for the upliftment of fellow citizens.

    Raunak is a 25-year-old B.Com graduate who works as a Sikh humanitarian and is the founding member of Sikh Aid Charitable Trust. He has 5 years of experience in the service sector and as a result he founded this non-profit organization to help and revolutionize the world. Sikh Aid has been designated as a national non-governmental organization (NGO) with the mission of providing humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones across India. “Since the beginning of 2020 till now, Sikh Aid has become national organization and has spread its wings across distinct cities like Pune, Odisha, Kolkata, Mumbai, Punjab and Delhi. The vision is gradually coming to life,” says Raunak.

    Despite the many ups and downs that Covid-19 brought to businesses and industries around the world, Raunak and his team were able to provide services to everyone in the country. “The team couldn’t travel at all during the pandemic, but local volunteer groups in many cities managed to continue with Sikh Aid projects,” claims Raunak. This dynamic personality is an inspiration to many, and even if we are unable to provide social service on the same scale as he does, we can at least assist him in making more people happy.

    To know more about him and his organization visit, www.sikhaid.in.


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