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  • Meet The 19 And 22 Year Old Moguls Responsible For Building A Multi-Million Dollar Luxury Agency

    Published on April 23, 2022

    Mikey Fenton and JJ Carter have been into things like web development, coding, stocks, crypto, flipping sneakers and any side hustle that could make them money since a very young age. Constantly trying to figure out what was going to give them the billion dollar lifestyle they envisioned. Throughout the years and countless numbers of brands, often dropshipping, they have amassed a serious knowledge and database on how to market and develop businesses in the ecommerce industry while also bringing “brick and mortar” stores to the forefront of the internet.

    After several separate individual encounters with similar interests, Mikey and JJ then collided through an unnamed e-commerce agency that was seemed to be a life ruining experience but came to be one of their lives most valuable journeys. Through this, they partnered on several different businesses and brands, growing them to multiple 6 and 7 figures. All this while generating their clients hundreds of thousands of followers. However, the company they were doing this under was found guilty of embezzling money, not paying what they earned and achieved, and so on. After being “all-in” for 2+ years, they left with nothing but a dying dream. They had to drive back to their homes on the east from Arizona with just enough gas money to make it. They found themselves working Jobs they hated, maxed out credit cards, negative bank accounts, before finding the gem that would take them out of the dirt, gldn.

    They founded “gldn” (currently referred to as gldndesign) with gldn design, they develop businesses in any way they need to become a dominating competitor in their industry from web development, social media growth, digital advertising across every platform, public relations, and overall taking businesses to the next level. They truly give businesses and creators a “gldn touch” making an exclusive environment when partnering with them. They’re your answer to your digital journey.

    They made a name for themselves in the industry by constantly networking with the right people, treating all of their clients with respect and getting them the results they deserve, becoming an inspiration to people going through what they once had to. Biting the bullet and taking every risk on the table.

    They built a million dollar online development agency at the age of 19 and 22, starting with nothing. They built it up in less than a year, but had to go through 7+ years of hardships to get where they’re at now. They have taken several businesses to the million dollar level. They’re far from what gldn design is going to become. This is just the beginning!



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