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    Meet The Ultimate Stars Of The Indian Rap World : Navambar & Swish Muzik

    Published on October 6, 2021

    The new school Hip Hop era has just begun in India. In the last few years, there have been numerous artists from the South Asian diaspora to come out with some groundbreaking sounds to catch up with the bar set worldwide. Navambar  andSwish Muzik are two big names to have contributed towards the wave.

    Navambar/Swish Muzik : Vibe Dealers

    Navambar is an established rapper from Mumbai who has been releasing music since the last decade.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and pioneered the emergence of Hip Hop in Mumbai.  Swish Muzik has been working Independently as an R&B/Hip Hop Artist since the last 5 Years. He believes rap music should not only be lyrically strong but also musically pleasing.

    His style is focused towards melodies and harmonies, and he takes inspiration from the greats which gives him an edge over the other Hip Hop artists in India. Both the artists also worked as a duo called ‘Vibe Dealers’ founded in 2016. For 3 Years, they dropped some ear pleasing music including remixes for classic Hip Hop tracks to collaborative singles. They decided to part ways in 2019. Their project ‘Do Hazaar Tees’ is still one of the best to come out of the Indian Hip Hop scene. It is considered to be underrated.

    Swish Muzik recently released India’s first international standard RnB project “Dreamland” which is doing great amongst the community. The sound has opened the doors for a fresh wave in the scene and bridge the gap between commercial and Independent music. On the other hand, Navambar has been consistently dropping singles like ‘Vocal Coka’, ‘Dynamo’ and hits like ‘Love Letters from Bombay’ that have changed the generic rap sound.

    Despite of being two artists with different backgrounds and styles, they have come together and always delivered exceptionally. There are rumors that the duo might hop on another project for their audiences and honestly, we would love that.